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Why Can’t We Find A Social Media That We Can All Call Home - Part One

Words by Luke Alland.

Twitter is the Wild West; Instagram and Facebook want brands to splash their cash on ads and for you, as a consumer, to inhale them like McNuggets after a night out; TikTok is basically unhinged; Pinterest and Tumblr are dead to most, and video content on YouTube just gets shorter and shorter with, well, 'Shorts'.

I have to ask the question: do you ever have to stop yourself deep into a doom scroll, or Instagram Reel/TikTok hole when you've seen one or two too many videos that make you think, "yeah maybe I should go to bed"? I'm as guilty as you. That dopamine hit you get from a call-and-response type video or the quick resolution to a question you'd never ask yourself is almost too much sometimes. Since the decision from Instagram to promote short-form video content to rival the explosion of TikTok, I genuinely think that my brain needs some equivalent of a factory reset. I find my attention span waning in certain conditions, and especially if someone shares a video with me. I can never consume just one. That's the scary thing. We all talk about consuming content, as if it's there to be gobbled up. We've moved away from the Michelin Star days of having things curated for us, to now a complex algorithm that somewhat arbitrarily decides to push what it thinks you want.

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