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Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Words by Luke Alland.

It's something we've nearly all done. Some absolutely relish it, others can't run away from them fast enough. Job interviews. Some are weird, some are wonderful, but the majority can be an anxiety-inducing activity. If you've been on both sides of the divide, you can definitely appreciate what makes a good and what makes a terrible interview.

I've done my fair share of interviews in my life, whether that be for a Shoreditch-based start-up or for stacking shelves at Sainsbury's. You find yourself in a random offshoot room stuck in front of a number of people you're trying to sus out as much as they are trying to you. They start in the same vain, the pleasantries are run through like a 4-minute-mile with introductions to the varying people who's names you've definitely already forgotten as you try to remember what you wrote in the cover letter. Depending on the importance of the performance, escaping a job you're already in or getting a new job after being let go, we can pile undue pressure on ourselves for thinking we're not good enough, or interesting enough, In reality, however, you've got one foot in the door. If any potential employer wants to take a punt on meeting you either over video-call or in-person, you must've done something right in the first place.

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