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Ukraine Protests, London - One Year On

Words + Photography by Luke Alland, using Leica's Q2 Reporter.

On the 24th of February, 2022, the Russian Invasion and occupation of Ukraine began.

From the 25th to the 27th, I documented the protests and outpouring of support for Ukraine across London and want to share the words I said after the first night.

Luke Alland, pictured centre

"Yesterday night I felt something extremely different to anything I’ve ever experienced before. Maybe it was something to do with the protest happening under glaring streetlights. Perhaps it was the uncertainty of what the night would hold for Kyiv—and potentially the rest of Europe. I still don’t really have an answer.

The level of pain, frustration, anxiety and disbelief amongst everyone there was echoed quite literally through the various chants and singing by all those in attendance. The way in which the crowd were positioned, coupled with the lack of a proper cordon, meant that as a photographer, journalist or a passer-by, you felt the full force of all of those emotions reverberating through Whitehall.

Standing in front of and staring into the eyes of a crowd that were shouting, crying and singing was emotionally overwhelming. A number of other photographers who I spoke to agreed and even with those I didn’t, they were visibly holding back tears, trying to persevere in showing how much this cataclysmic event is not wanted nor supported anywhere.

I have no real connection to Ukraine, but I stand with them.

This cannot continue."


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