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The Pint Before Christmas

Photography by Rikesh Chauhan, using Sony's A74.

'Twas the pint before Christmas, and all through London Town, was the biggest group of densely-packed tourists I've possibly ever seen, all gathered to look at the lights which—frankly—are nothing to sing home about. I didn't intend to sound like Scrooge quite this early on, but the flashbacks of trying to get to Red Lion (not to be mistaken for The Red Lion) from Oxford Circus whilst seventeen gazillion* people were ambling at what could only be described as countryside pace down Regent Street was quite literally the stuff of nightmares. If you're still not done with Christmas shopping, do yourself a favour and avoid central London like the plague. It's not worth it. Get people digital gift cards and be done with it.

Anyway, for the few that did decide to brave the post-work melee, we held a little drinks night at the top floor of one of our favourite pubs, to commemorate an intense, unforgettable (for good and for bad) and basically bizarre year. However you're celebrating, or not celebrating, we wish you a very happy and well-rested break, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2024. There are some incredible things in the pipeline, including trips to Ghana, Mexico and the States, interviews with some fantastically well-dressed people, a load of football-related waffling, a tonne of events and, of course, Issue Two. * - exaggerated for dramatic effect, but not by quite as much as you'd think.


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