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The Street Is The Real Catwalk - January Edition

Words + Photography by Anton James Welcome.

My introduction into street photography was, to be honest, unusual, and a happy mistake at that. My day job is quite a contrast to the world of photography, but whilst on a work trip to Hong Kong I fell in awe of everything that made the place so great—the tall buildings, lights and different walks of life. I decided to get a camera and be that tourist guy for the week. Given the fact you don’t have to walk very far in Hong Kong to find a store selling gadgets and gizmos, I took the plunge and bought my first camera: an Olympus EM10. I then commenced snapping away, capturing random things like the food stalls and night markets and even people in the morning practicing tai-chi. When I got back home, the photography itch wasn't scratched, and so I ventured over to the London Fashion Week hubs to capture the glitterati and share the observations on my Instagram. A good 5+ years (and some obsessive camera upgrades) later, I find myself with the privilege of being able to travel the world, shooting street style whenever I can get my teeth into it. I love the storytelling element that street style can create, as well as being able to inspire those that see my content to amplify their own style ideas. It’s been a great journey with some fascinating stories along the way, but above all else, the friendships I've made with like-minded creatives wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't taken that trip.


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