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Scott Fraser Simpson: These 5 Things

Interview + Photography by Luke Alland.

"As soon as I opened the door he was shocked, 'where did you get that shirt from? Where is that fabric from?' He said that in 1967. He made pyjamas out of that fabric, but he was too fat at the time to make a shirt, so he just made trousers. That fabric has travelled all that way, over all those years, and we both ended up making something really special with it."

Scott Fraser Simpson is an obsessive collector, vintage archivist and enthusiast, as well as the founder of his eponymous menswear brand, Scott Fraser Collection, which informs all of his decisions. One of the best dressed in London, his continual adaptation and designs have proven to be a mainstay in the industry. We sat down to talk through his 5 pieces and how he came to own them, with stories stretching from Shoreditch to Shanghai.


Thing 1: '40s Shanghai Souvenir

Luke Alland: You're a huge collector of vintage clothes and I've always been envious of your wardrobe, your first piece has truly aged like a fine wine. What's the story?

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