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Maddie Close: These 5 Things

Interview + Photography by Luke Alland.

"Like most things, there's a fine line between looking stylish and looking like a cartoon, which could be great but you just have to know where the line between a costume and an outfit is. It's a tough one to get right!"

If there is one word to describe Maddie Close, it’s colour. A pure, unadulterated, sheer barrage of bliss can be found in the outfits she puts together. Maddie has been in the modelling industry from a young age and has now started her journey into acting. Film has had a massive impact on her style, especially the films her grandmother used to show her growing up. As we sat down to discuss her 5 things, our conversation meanders around style and influences to the possibilities of colour. We cover the dangers of looking like Professor Plum to Dennis the Menace.

A recurring theme in the lives of many of the best dressed, is the pedigree and education passed on to them by grandmother/fathers and then the parents themselves. Maddie is no different in receiving her education from her mum and her nan, who would provide not only the opinions and inspiration at the start of her fashion journey, but also for the first of Maddie’s 5 things.


Thing 1: Baby Pink '50s Dress

Luke Alland: As with most things you wear, this is an explosion of colour. Run me through the story behind this dress...

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