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San Siro per Sempre

Words + Photography by Luke Alland, using Leica's Q2 Reporter.

The San Siro is one of those grounds that has been ever-present in the lives of every football fan since it was completed in 1926. However, its current—and arguably more iconic—form featuring the four pillars in each corner with the unmistakable red roof was completed just before the 1990 World Cup, hosted in Italy. The stadium is part of footballing folklore, both in real life and the virtual one (ask Pro Evo and FIFA fans about the latter). For AC and Internazionale, it has been home for over seventy-five years and has hosted World Cup semi-finals, European Finals and Champions League games that live long in the memory. I had the opportunity to visit the stadium over a weekend in Milan, and can safely say I've ticked something off my bucket list. It's criminal that they are going to knock it down, and as much as I don't want to be #AgainstModernFootball, there are some things even the most accommodating of football fans wouldn't ever want to part with.

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