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Pitti Uomo 103: Sartorial Splendour, Provided Your Plane Wasn't Diverted

Words by Rikesh Chauhan. Photography by Luke Alland.

As the sartorially-conscious and the well-intended descended into Florence (or attempted to, with no help from the high winds and short landing strips at Peretola airport), there was a general sense of optimism. Whilst the last two shows saw a steady increase in footfall, this year, the doors were flung open and fashion folk from all corners of the world were finally reunited at the Fortezza da Basso. The weather, perfectly delightful in the sun and positively arctic in the shade, was a gentle reminder of how old the stone facades that make up this city actually are. That, and the never-ending clamouring for wifi.

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have no doubt seen our on-the-ground coverage of some of our favourite looks from the four-day extravaganza. If, however, you're yearning for a little more, scroll down and continue to live vicariously through the lens of our founder, Luke Alland.

Kevin Manzi

Luca Nicolini

Luca Nicolini

Abbie Leach

Gurj Sohanpal

Brett Staniland in Rowing Blazers

Fabio Attanasio

Austin Pollak, the world's most handsome man

Alistair Guy

Robert Spangle

Moustapha Ndiaye

Christian Degennaro


Kevis Manzi

Brit Bones




Hassani Mgoya

Cory Sylvester

Scott Staniland


Peter Zottolo

Hassani Mgoya

Austin Roberson

Jamie Dunsford

Isao Kato

Kevin-Eddy, Andres

Christian Degennaro

Guillaume Bo, Angelique Noir

Jamie Ferguson

Luke Martin


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