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Paris: Once You're Out the Station, It's Lovely

Words + Photography by Luke Alland, shot on a Pentax ME SUPER with expired Superdrug film and Fujifilm's XT-2.

Paris is a strange one, isn't it? It has its own syndrome, but unlike Stockholm, it's caused by the city itself. For many Brits the journey to Paris has become a doddle, with the introduction of the Eurostar in 1994 providing a relatively cheap and civilised form of travel between London and the French capital.

I grew up in South East London, and before the Eurostar's move from Waterloo to St. Pancras International in November 2007, I saw it pass by my Primary School dozens of times a day, so I've always had somewhat of a soft spot for it. I've also never been to Charles de Gaulle Airport, because why the hell would I? The bone I quickly have to pick (and there's always a bone to pick. I'm British), is why London has done so much work making King's Cross lovely, yet the French aren't returning the favour. This could also extend to almost every main station in Europe. Whilst I was living in Germany, it was quite a shock to see how no one really gave a shit about the surrounding area of a Hauptbahnhof, and Gare du Nord seems no exception either.

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