La Rioja Part 1 - El Legado, The Smallest Bodega In Town

Words + Photography by Luke Alland, using Leica's Q2 Reporter and SL-2.

You've probably never heard of Cenicero before, but you've definitely heard of La Rioja. The name of the sleepy little town with a whole three lines on Wikipedia that literally translates to 'ashtray'. But it's where I found myself on a little grape-spotting adventure, to learn all about wine.

I'd never seen a grape before it was a grape, if that makes sense. Or the vine they grow on up close before. Goes to show how horticulturally handicapped I am having grown up in London. So safe to say, I was quite excited at the prospect of seeing where this delightful liquid (or the blood of Christ, whichever you prefer) starts, because I know where it ends up.

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