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Jordan: Where The Beach Was Stoney and the Land Was Sand

Words + Photography by Luke Alland, using Fujifilm's XT-2.

Jordan, home to one of the seven Wonders of The World, and a shit tonne of sand. Whether it be a beach or a desert, you can’t move for the stuff. I based myself in Aqaba for a week of discovery with a bus ride to Petra, and discovered that it’s far more than just the Treasury and a near-death experience in Wadi rum involving a cigarette, some twigs and four petrol canisters.

The whole trip came about by going to a price comparison website and seeing where the rogue-est destination would be on my budget. Lo and behold, there was a little dot somewhere near the Red Sea. A quick Google and a few card details later, I booked my flight to Aqaba. It was with easyJet admittedly, but it did feel like a bit of an adventure landing in a very, very different landscape. No rolling green hills or sprawling cities as the plane comes into land, just the red expanse of the desert stretching out as far as the eye can see.

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