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Emma Noble: These 5 Things

Interview + Photography by Luke Alland, using Leica's Q2 Reporter.

"I love a bit of gold jewellery. I would comfortably say that 'Del Boy' is my lifestyle icon and he wears loads of great gold jewellery! I love the way he dresses, I just love everything about him."

Emma Noble is a multi-hyphenate (read: singer-songwriter, DJ and designer), based in London and also happens to be a fiend for a bit of vintage. We sat down with her over a coffee and a fry-up to talk about all things vintage, and her 5 things...


Thing 1: Vintage Adidas Track Top

Luke Alland: We kick off with a stunning adidas number, which suits you to a T, what's the story there?

Emma Noble: "I'm obsessed with adidas Originals, and pretty much any old-school adidas jackets I'm a real sucker for. I've collected adidas in general really, a load of bags and I've even got pair of old boxing boots as well! I think they're from the '70s. They were dead stock from a local sports shop back in my hometown.

I just can't remember exactly where I picked this jacket up from. Possibly from a local vintage shop? But I've never seen one like this before because it's got an elasticated edge and the logo is slightly different.

I suppose this is probably the highlight of my collection, but I have favourites that I dip in and out of."



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