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Away Days: Borussia Dortmund

Words + Photography by "Robert".

Me, Eric and Dan meet at St. Pancras International, London, around 7am on the morning of the game to make our journey to Dortmund. It worked out cheaper to train it there and fly back, which in itself had turned out to be handy as apparently the fog had caused delays for flights. The day before, I was starting to get nervous if we were even going to make it in enough time with a four-train journey in front of us: London to Brussels to Cologne to Düsseldorf to Dortmund. And that's not even including the local metro trains to the stadium and hotel...

The plan was for us to arrive at 4pm local time, but with some of the connections being circa fifteen minutes long, we're running very tight. As if right on cue, as soon as we go through the passport control, we see that our Eurostar train is delayed. Great.

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