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Aïssatou Diallo: These 5 Things

Interview + Photography by Rikesh Chauhan, using Sony Alpha's A7iii.

Aïssatou Diallo outside Coffee & Fripes

It’s always a good day when two of your favourite things combine to create something spectacular. Thanks to Aïssatou Diallo, the good days are definitely in full swing. Founder of Coffee & Fripes on the famous Roman Road in East London, Aïssa brings together two of her (and my) passions: fripes, meaning second-hand or vintage clothing in French, and coffee, the universal term for all that is good in this world. Unless it’s Italian. I kid, I kid.

Coffee & Fripes aims to make both specialty coffee and vintage clothing approachable and desirable for everyone; helping to create a fairer and more sustainable supply chain for coffee producers around the world, as well as promoting a unique and sustainable approach to fashion. Aïssa, as you’d expect, is the embodiment of this ethos. You’ll find her manning the counter at Coffee & Fripes, making coffees, chatting away with her customers and friends, all the while looking authentically cool, steeped in vintage. I imagine it wasn’t easy for her to whittle her style down to These Five Things…


Thing 1: ‘80s Western Suede Jacket

Rikesh Chauhan: So this jacket is pretty epic. Look at the frills!

Aïssatou Diallo: “I bought this jacket in Lille, at the Grande Braderie which is an event that happens every year in September. There’s loads of vintage… almost like a big yard sale in the middle of the city. I was drawn to this when I saw it; I was looking for a Western jacket with tassels for a long time—I tried it on and it fit perfectly!

RC: I noticed this…

AD: “Yes, there’s a slight burn here, but besides that it’s in pretty great condition.”

RC: It’s quite nice though, because it almost gives it a bit more character.

AD: “Exactly, and it didn’t bother me…”



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